Interested in STNA Training?

We can help you achieve your dream.
Our goal is to get you ready in twelve days.
We offer small class sizes to promote hands-on experience for every student.
You'll have access to licensed instructors with
vast professional experience.
The learning environment is student driven.
We promote classroom  participation for every
student thereby increasing the success rate.
Our students enjoy high percentage pass rate.

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Given the rising demand for skilled health care workers, the benefits of STNA training are almost too numerous to count. This is especially true for those who are seeking rapid employment in a lucrative and highly rewarding industry. Although the typical nurse's assistant will need to acquire additional instruction in order to attain higher paying positions and more responsibilities, this is definitely a good starting point for people who want to enter a strong and growth-oriented field. Following are a few impressive advantages that you can gain by signing up for classes now.

Complete Instruction In Just Twelve Days

Working as a nurse's assistant is a very demanding job. There are also many different environments in which these professionals are capable of working in. With this in mind, many people are under the mistaken impression that they will have to spend months getting ready for their new careers. In reality, however, you can be done with your courses and ready to work within a matter of days. Best of all, your proof of instruction can help you gain access to nursing homes, private caregiver opportunities, hospital work, private clinics and more. Read the Benefits of STNA Training.

We can prepare you for the certification exam in 12 days.
Our training program is state approved and accredited.
Call 614-568-0029 to speak with a licensed instructor now.

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